Winifred Grace

Doser: Winifred Grace Founder: Winifred Grace Gundeck Why we love her:  Winnie creates jewelry inspired by visually rich textures and patterns found in everything from nature to indigenous art, tapestries and adornments. Each season, she interprets the feminine mystique of natural wonders and infuses them with a subtle edge to add a bit of urban reality…



Doser: Uusi Founders: Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits Why we love them: Gits and Dunham bring a sense of playfulness and tradition to all of their designs, showcasing the essential beauty in the materials they work with. Products: Mid-century inspired wooden figures, beautiful wood boxes, black and white prints and more. Dose appearances: November 6 and counting.


Co-op Hot Sauce

Doser: Co-op Hot Sauce Founder: Mike Bancroft Why we love him: Co-op uses all natural ingredients from their community garden to create their handcrafted sauces. Better yet, all procedes go directly to supporting Co-op Image’s free youth art center and community arts initiatives in based out of Chicago’s Humboldt Park Neighborhood. Products: Sauces ranging from…

131 November Dose

Adios, November Dose!

November 6 was a red-letter day. To recap, we give you the ABC’s of Dose: A is for amazing, accessible luxury from Luxury Garage Sale B is for Burrow & Hive’s beautiful textiles C is for a cup of hot cider from Seedling, to wash down… Doughnuts, in eight delightful flavors (chestnut was our favorite)…